BRSS Personal Weather Station

A small PWS located mid-field.

Appalachian Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction (RASP)

A soaring weather model for the Appalachian’s stretching from the I-77 tunnel near Bland, VA up to Blairstown, NJ. Link link above or image below to use, a new window will open to the RASPtable Google Maps interface.

BRSS Sounding for 2pm Confused? See a tutorial on how to read soundings,

“Reading Skew-T Log-P Upper Air Soundings”

ROA Graphical Hourly Forecast – USAIRNET (best graphical overview of conditions)

AvnWX (A very nice graphical mapping tool for viewing METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and TFRs)

Aviation Weather Center – NOAA NWS (everything from metars, tafs, airmets/sigmets, pireps, winds, prog charts, area forecast, etc.)

Current Skew-t Soundings for New Castle

New Castle Skew-t Sounding Right Now (simpler version, same data) New Castle 16hr Skew-t Sounding Forecast (the whole nine yards)

Conditions and Forecasts

New Castle – Weather Underground Aviation Forecast Discussion – NOAA NWS Area Forecast Discussion, ROA – NOAA NWS Virginia AWOS Phone Numbers – FAA

Radar and Satellite

Roanoke Radar – Weather Underground High Res Regional Radar/Satellite – Nexlab/COD

Soaring Forecasts

BLIPMAP – Dr. Jack(requires registering an account) Skew-T Sounding – NOAA FSL (same source as the 16hr skew-t above, but you “roll your own”) Use the following lat/lon for the “Site(s)” text field 37.50206,-80.110933

Weather Charts

Aviation weather overlay and briefing tool (excellent) – AvnWX Current Winds – Intellicast Forecast Winds – Intellicast RUC wind/cloudbase/precip/stability/temps/etc… – NOAA Jet Stream Map – CRWS

Briefing and Charting Tools

FSS Briefing – CSC DUATS (requires registration) Graphic Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) – FAA Special Use Airspace (SUA) MOAs, military training routes, etc – FAA GPS Accuracy/Interference Prediction – FAA General Airport Info (FBOs & Fuel prices & more) – Airnav Aeronautical Charts – SkyVector Digital Airport Facility Directory / Instrument Approach Procedures – FAA NACO


METAR FAQs Understood How to Read Skew-T’s (~0.5 MB PDF)