R4S Contest

2016 Region 4 South

Blue Ridge Soaring Society will again be hosting the Region 4 South Soaring Contest in September. The dates for the contest are practice day Saturday September 17, first day of contest Sunday September 18, and last contest day is September 24. Camping is permitted on the field.

Registration procedure:

  1. Register online at the SSA website; download waiver here: SSA Contest Registration Online
  2. Fill out the waiver form and mail it, along with the following, to the contest manager’s address (Charlie Cole).
    • Valid Pilot License
    • Proof of current SSA membership
    • Proof of Insurance (See Regional FAI Class Rule for required coverage)
    • $150 entry fee deposit payable to Region 4 South

Charlie Cole's Address

Please be sure to submit your application prior to the July 23 preferential deadline. We will use the SSA’s U.S. Pilot Ranking List for 2016. If is your responsibility to advise us of any improvement or changes in your score prior to the deadline.

Your deposit will be refunded if you cancel prior to August 16.

We fly without water ballast; unless blessed with extremely strong conditions and a long ridge mission.

Typically, we do not have enough Standard gliders to make a class. Should that occur this year we will again provide a 15M limited handicap class.

The following guidelines would apply:

  1. All glider conforming to the requirement of 15Meter Class as described in contest rules may participate.
  2. Participating gliders will be handicapped using handicaps derived from the 2015 Sports Class Handicap list. However:
    • No glider will have a handicap greater than 0.913 – a 3.3% adjustment from the “modern” 15 Meter Class glider (0.88).
    • No adjustments are made for modifications.
  3. The handicaps that will apply are shown in the SSA Official Handicaps as available from the SSA Web site.


There are several evening meals planned under the direction of Steve and Patti Haynes:

  • Saturday night is Judge John’s spaghetti dinner
  • Sunday night the welcome Dinner will be hosted at the home of Thecla and Lanier Frantz
  • Monday will be an open grill night or explore local dining options
  • Tuesday is the famous chicken on a beer; also pre-Halloween costume party
  • Wednesday is the low country boil
  • Thursday is open grill night
  • Friday night is Glenn Maxwell’s famous pig roast

Contest Team

I led this posting with the social calendar since the activities are often as important as the contest for the pilots and crews! The contest management team is an amazing group of volunteers: – Carlene (Charlie) Cole is Contest Manager – The Contest Director is John Good – Weatherman is Richard Kellerman – Scoring will be done by the John Godfrey team – Head Tow Pilot is Kelly Naber – Operations Director/Line Boss will be Jim Cole – Cole Frantz is in charge of the t-shirts and we are anxiously awaiting her creative design – Harry and Janey Wood will again run the Towplane Tavern for which we are extremely grateful – Gary Naber will be in charge of the tow ropes

There are many other volunteers who support this amazing contest and make Region 4 South an experience discussed throughout the year.

Charlene (Charlie) Cole Contest Manager