Cross Country

BRSS Annual Cross Country Award

This award will be presented at the BRSS annual general meeting to the club member with the highest OLC score (above minimum) for the OLC period ending at the close of the OLC year (mid Sept). The minimum score for the award is a total of 300km. A club member may only win the award once in a three year period.

This award is open to all club members who have never had an SSA competition ranking of 50 or greater. In a two-place glider, neither occupant may have ever had a ranking of 50 or higher. Distance in a two-place glider scores for only the PIC. In other words, only one pilot may claim the distance.

Contact Wharton regarding this award.


Flights we have done


A tool provided by was tremendously useful in generating this map.


A collections of resources for learning XC.

Kai Gertsen’s Teachings

Good reading for aspiring XC pilots.
Introduction to Cross-Country Soaring (PDF)
Off-Airport Landings (PDF)

Mid-Atlantic Winter Soaring slides by Baudouin Litt:

A walkthrough of Baud’s winter ridge/wave flying process.
PDFs: Part A, Part B, Part C